About Upcycled

UPCYCLED Byron Bay was founded and is run by Micha in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

The idea of UPCYCLED Byron Bay was born in August 2012 during a road trip around Australia. Somewhere along the way, I had a flat tyre and were waiting to get it fixed at a huge tyre dealer. There, I came across a massive mountain of old tyres and inner tubes…I never really had given much thought about what would happen to all these millions of tyres and tubes that are being thrown out, every day and all around the world, ending up in landfills (or worse) for many thousands of years to come.

I had been playing with designs made from leather and many other natural materials for years, creating quite a variety of tasty items when I decided to try out the recycled tyre tubes instead. The material fits in perfectly with my keen interest in sustainability and reducing waste. It is a fantastic way to re-use something that would otherwise have a huge impact on the world we live in. The inner tubes make a great material for bags and all sorts of accessories, because of the facts mentioned above: it is highly durable, tough, water resistant plus it actually comes up very beautifully once it has been cleaned well. It is a perfect material to re-use, as you will see once you try out upcycled-byron bay's products.

At UPCYCLED Byron Bay we try our very best in order to create unique designs turning this amazing material into functional and stylish items for you to enjoy, we also use recycled materials for inner linings etc as much as possible…

Re-use, Re-cycle, Up-cycle – the resources on this planet will not last forever and so many materials otherwise seen as rubbish can be used to create ‘new’, functional and tasteful products…act wisely, buy wisely!

Please enjoy our UPCYCLED range.
At UPCYCLED Byron Bay, we only use the best available materials, high quality fittings and excellent craftsmanship - each item is unique and handmade.


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